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Avid Media, a multimedia production and advertising company, is delighted to announce the addition of Karisa Richardson to its team as the contracted photographer. Operating her own successful photography business in North Platte, Karisa will now extend her top-notch photography services to Avid Media clients across Nebraska, contributing to the creation of inspiring campaigns, websites, and social media content.

Karisa Richardson brings a wealth of experience and creativity to Avid Media, with a specialization in portraits, events, and commercial photography. As the contracted photographer, she will play a crucial role in elevating the visual storytelling capabilities of Avid Media, ensuring that clients receive professional and impactful photography services.

“We are excited to have Karisa Richardson join Avid Media as our contracted photographer,” said Bryce Harvey, owner of Avid Media. “Karisa’s dedication to delivering top-notch photography aligns perfectly with our mission to create campaigns, websites, and social media content that inspire action and build value for our clients.”

“Together, we aim to create campaigns and digital experiences that not only inspire action but also build lasting value for our clients.”

Avid Media is known for its expertise in multimedia production, offering comprehensive solutions for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance their online presence. The addition of Karisa Richardson as the contracted photographer further strengthens Avid Media’s commitment to delivering innovative and engaging content across various platforms.

As part of Avid Media’s services, the company specializes in creating campaigns, websites, and social media content that inspire action and add significant value to clients’ brands. With Karisa Richardson on board, Avid Media aims to enhance the visual elements of these services, providing clients with visually compelling and impactful content that drives engagement.

About Karisa Richardson

Karisa Richardson is a talented photographer based in North Platte, Nebraska, and the owner of her own successful photography business. Specializing in portraits, events, and commercial photography, Karisa brings creativity and precision to her work, contributing to visually compelling storytelling.

Bryce Harvey

Bryce Harvey is Owner and lead creative at Avid Media. Bryce advises businesses, and brands on digital content strategies, marketing materials and website design.