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In a recent episode of the NebraskaLand Bank Podcast, hosts Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus visit with Jordan and Jory who showcased the journey of Clean Can Company, Lincoln County’s only trash can cleaning company.

This podcast not only sheds light on the entrepreneurial spirit but also highlights the commitment of Clean Can Company to cleanliness, community improvement, and the creation of a healthier future for North Platte.

During the podcast, Jordan and Jory shared the motivation behind launching Clean Can Company. The founders, driven by a passion for cleanliness and community improvement, recognized a need for a specialized service in Lincoln County. The realization that clean trash cans contribute to a healthier environment and enhanced community well-being became the foundation of their entrepreneurial journey.

Clean Can Company, as described in the podcast, is dedicated to providing professional trash can cleaning services in North Platte and its surrounding areas. The founders shared insights into the challenges faced in starting their business.

Clean Can Company’s commitment to community improvement is evident in the podcast. The founders expressed their dedication to not only providing a valuable service but also actively contributing to the betterment of North Platte. Through partnerships, local events, and community outreach programs, Clean Can Company aims to create a positive impact beyond its primary business operations.

The NebraskaLand Bank Podcast’s feature on Clean Can Company provides a compelling narrative of entrepreneurship, cleanliness, and community impact. Through this episode, listeners gain valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of starting a niche business, as well as the importance of community engagement in creating a positive impact. Clean Can Company’s story serves as an inspiration for those with a passion for both entrepreneurship and community improvement. Tune in to the podcast to witness the journey of Clean Can Company and be motivated by their commitment to a cleaner, healthier future for North Platte.

Clean Can Company

North Platte, Nebraska
(308) 985-CANS

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